Buenos Aires, Argentina

Irish Cultural Calendar Exciting cultural events will take place across the city and province of Buenos Aires, from March to July 2016. The events will celebrate the strong ties of kinship between Ireland and Argentina through music, literature and art. Contemporary Political and Economic Symposium An international symposium will focus on contemporary links between Ireland and Argentina, and the regional role played by both countries – and potential for future cooperation – on the occasion of the centenary of 1916 and bicentenary of Argentinean independence. There will also be an event to explore synergies in technological cooperation between the cities of Dublin and Buenos Aires. International Conference on Ireland-Argentine Relations and on Ireland Latin America This conference, which will take place in mid-2016, will bring together expert historians and academics from Ireland, Argentina, the United States and elsewhere. It will explore themes such as the historical and contemporary links between the people and culture of Ireland and Argentina, and the role of the Irish in the liberation of Latin America. There will be a particular focus on 1916 and the revolutionary period. Irish-Argentine Youth and Sport Celebration From March to July 2016, the Irish Embassy, in conjunction with local Irish-linked schools, will hold essay and art competitions that will encourage participants to reflect on themes such as the centenary of the 1916 Rising and Irish-Argentine relations. Separately, a schools ‘Gaelic Football Blitz’ in Buenos Aires will take place immediately prior to the World GAA Games in Dublin in 2016, in which Argentina will compete.
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